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Integrated Services Support

Fusion Integrated Services Breakdown

Managing your complex technology environment whether via internal resources or multiple supplier support can be a challenge. From day to day planned operational asset maintenance and management through to critical response to unplanned events and outages, it is all packaged with inherent administrative issues, cost fluctuations and risks.

With Fusion Power Systems Integrated Services Support you can overcome that challenge, be completely informed and in control whilst improving service outcomes for your business and your customers. We will deliver the high-quality, consistent service you demand and in turn manage your risk more effectively.

Fusion Power Systems is more than just a single touch point for maintenance, service and critical response. We deliver support for a broader range of sophisticated IT and infrastructure service management functions, supported by our unique 24/7 online portal monitoring service, Fusion Pulse. The specialist, experienced team at Fusion Power Systems backed by the immediate notifications and information delivered by Fusion Pulse ensures your business experiences minimal downtime, improved productivity and overall cost savings.

Our model allows for variable service levels, the support of existing infrastructure and if required the supply and installation of componentry within agreed response times. 


Fusion Pulse Monitoring System

All customers who engage with Fusion Power Systems for integrated services support have the opportunity to access all maintenance logs and system actions (recent and historical) through our online portal.

Also available to install is the Fusion Pulse monitoring platform. This offers 24/7, real-time monitoring of all your equipment, with instant SMS, email and App notifications in the event of equipment failure or alarms. The Pulse Application allows you to view the status of all your devices from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Together with Fusion's Client view, the online portal gives you access to;

  • View real-time data from all your equipment from anywhere in the world.
  • Set your own notification levels and escalation points.
  • View any past and future maintenance visits. including detailed reports completed by industry specialists.
  • View a complete history of any past events. including the notes of any services taken place.


Fusion Power Systems – Services Levels

  Silver Gold Platinum
Preventative maintenance visit N/Bhrs    
Preventative maintenance visit A/Bhrs  
Next business day response    
1 hour call back response    
24x7 2 hour on site response    
24x7 4 hour response    
Spare parts and labour  
Consumables included i.e. batteries  
Travel 75km included
Fusion Portal
Fusion Pulse 24x7 remote monitoring    


A basic level of cover, this service level includes scheduled maintenance visits that ensure the equipment is in optimum condition and that there are no errors or failing components. These visits can be performed in either normal or optional after business hours. Any parts of this service level are charged out at a contracted rate. In addition to this cover, next business day onsite support is offered for non-scheduled visits. The Fusion online portal (ARK) is included allowing contracted customers to access their contracted support and maintenance details via the web.


Inclusive of all offered by the Silver service level the Gold service allows for all scheduled preventative maintenance visits after business hours. Providing the peace of mind of operational costs being capped at a fixed price and all parts and associated labour inclusive. Ideal for budgeting and cost management.

Any Infrastructure item covered under this contract, in the event of fault or failure, Fusion Power Systems will rectify the issue within agreed service level agreements (SLA). This may include provision of spare parts if required. Where spare parts are not available or the unit cannot be repaired, the unit in question will be replaced with a like for like equivalent.


Fusion Power Systems Platinum service is the ultimate in service coverage. In addition to the Silver and Gold service levels it includes all consumables, labour and 24/7 support. This includes batteries for UPS systems, humidifiers and compressors for CRAC units.

Additionally, each unit under contract will be monitored remotely 24/7 by the Fusion Power Systems National Operations Centre which will automatically react to any issues or alarms via Fusion Pulse monitoring.