Managed Services – Comprehensive

Offering a complete and comprehensive level of cover, this service level encompasses the management of the facility (data centre/nodes) as a whole by pre-inducted and trained personnel who are familiar with and have approved unescorted access to the customers data centre.

Incorporating the agreed regular preventative maintenance program along with a reactive response agreement on nominated equipment, the comprehensive service is inclusive of;

  • Onsite response – a Fusion Power System technical manager is available to respond to any issue on-site unescorted.
  • Planned projects – a complete Fusion Power System technical team are available as required to co-ordinate, plan, analyse and report on any changes to the data centre infrastructure.
  • Asset management - technical and account services to help manage all the data centre assets (equipment make, type, models, serial numbers, commissioning and recommending replacement).
  • Energy management – spot level or real time monitoring of energy consumption within the data centre to ensure efficient operation.
  • Monthly reporting – detailed monthly reports on data centre capacity, recent events, responses, and recommendations.

This level of cover minimises business risk and delivers complete peace of mind, knowing that any emergency will be addressed immediately and any potential data centre downtime will be minimised.