Your data centre is central to the operation of your organisation. Every operation your business undertakes relies on this facilitation your business.

It’s for this reason that utilising the Fusion Smart Design process to comprehensively and systematically approaching business requirements for your data warehouse facility, floorplan, cooling and power design will deliver immediate and ongoing benefits.

Fusion Smart Design aims to design for flexibility and scalability. Out advice will extend to site location, building selection, floor layout, electrical system design and the concept of modularity that enables the data centre facility to change and adapt as needed, with minimum renovation and change to basic building systems.

By planning  for and selecting data centre infrastructure solutions that work Fusion Smart Design will ensure that customers have ease of access to the servers, storage systems, and networking devices they need to carry out daily business transactions and remain productive. Delivering maximum space savings and ensuring reliability will deliver a productive data centre and contributes to an overall successful business.