Monitoring Services

Fusion Portal

The Fusion Portal offers clients an easy to access online reporting and tracking system that has the capability of monitoring multiple sites and equipment.

Through a secure client log-on, this system provides clients a comprehensive view of all maintenance that has been undertaken, planned maintenance schedules and any technician recommendations for equipment onsite. In addition the Fusion Portal can monitor environmental conditions including temperature and humidity data.

All equipment and devices real time operational status can be viewed collectively in the Fusion Portal removing the requirement to individually poll each item to obtained needed information.

For operational and administrative needs the system provides a perfect storage point for all past service and maintenance reports providing access to all recent and historical reports and data whenever required.

Fusion Pulse

Fusion Pulse is our easy to use online dashboard and mobile app. Fusion Pulse collates and presents real time data from your data centre equipment and infrastructure and presents it in a clear, concise, easy to read and understand format.

Fusion Pulse keeps you connected 24/7 to your data centre equipment and its current status. Any issues or notifications for upcoming maintenance occur you will receive a Fusion Pulse notification via, SMS, email or through the Fusion Pulse app.

Through access to information and prompt notifications you will reduce downtime from over 35% of outages caused by hardware failure. You can set your own alarm preferences and if required multiple devices and platforms can be connected. Fusion Power System technicians will be notified in the case of an emergency allowing agreed follow up according to the SLAs in the agreed maintenance contract.

Fusion Pulse assists in reducing operating costs and business downtime.