Why Fusion

Fusion can support any type of equipment in your fleet. If you have a mixture of different brands of UPS in your organisation, you need an expert all rounder to look after you.

Good at the hard things

Providing once off maintenance is easy.

But don’t be mislead.

Maintaining lots of devices from different disciplines with different service intervals across large geographic areas while maintaining accurate data stores and reporting plus providing fast and effective responses is hard. Really hard.

Fusion are simply experts at solving this problem. We have spent the last 8 years building our skillset and the IT systems to make sure your organisation is 100% supported.

Fusion maintains infrastructure for some of the largest organisations in Australia and abroad, while still supporting our thousands of small to mid sized enterprise customers keep their critical equipment up, eliminating downtime.

  • One company to do everything
  • Multiple equipment types
  • International coverage
  • Accurate data stores
  • Fast and effective helpdesk
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Expert systems

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Many of our technicians are cross trained, meaning that while they’re maintaining your air conditioning, they’re also keeping an eye on your UPS at the same time giving you double the service for essentially for free.

Multi Vendor / Vendor Agnostic

Fusion can support any type of equipment in your fleet. If you have a mixture of different brands of UPS in your organisation, you need an expert all rounder to look after you. Our customers typically have multiple different brands of equipment in operation, and it is much more cost effective to use Fusion to maintain all the equipment than contract the equipment vendors individually.

Fusion can service any brand of equipment within our skillset, if you have it we can maintain it. We don’t care who made it, or what the brand is.

If we manage your equipment and we can’t fix it we’ll replace it for free with one that we can. That’s our promise and we always deliver. Try us out and see for yourself.

  • Qualified Expert Technicians
  • Cross Trained Skillsets
  • Wide variety of experience
  • Company employed technicians

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Multi Disciplinary / Cross Skilled

We employ technicians across multiple trades. Electricians, refrigeration mechanics, UPS technicians, generators specialists, fire systems experts, electronic security wizards – they’re on our payroll.

This is important as there are significant savings to be made employing one company to do all your maintenance, simply from an economies of scale perspective, if not from the simplicity of having one team take care of everything.

One service desk, one reporting system, one escalation tree, one responsibility.

When you choose Fusion, you get to work with our people who are experts in their field, but who work as part of the one team. This is an unique attribute that we challenge you to find elsewhere.

Our customers prefer to have one supplier take care of everything. Let us take care of you.

  • Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Registered Air Conditioning Contractor
  • Plumbing / Hydraulics
  • Electrical and Data

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ARK Service CRM Software
Online Dynamic Reporting Intuitive Software Web Portal for Universal Access

Powerful Reporting and Data Management

We searched the world for the perfect information system to support our customers complex requirements – it didn’t exist. So we built one, customised to give our customers maximum control over their asset and maintenance information.

It’s called ARK and it’s the most comprehensive program of its type ever built.

It also allows us to do our job faster, and save our customers money. 

  • Asset Registry
  • Sub Asset Register
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Help desk
  • Service Reports
  • Device History
  • Maintenance Scheduler
  • Mobile Access
  • Compliance / Auditing

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Value Added Monitoring

The only thing better than having an onsite technician monitoring your equipment 24/7 is to have a computer do it for you. Knowing your infrastructure is ok at any time is just as important as having it maintained.

However despite modern technological advances this has always seemed difficult and expensive to achieve. Not any more. Fusion has developed a unique and powerful monitoring tool that we connect to all kinds of devices every day, where we monitor our customers equipment real time and keep an eye out for trouble, so you don’t have to.

It’s called PULSE and it could just be your new best friend.

  • Cloud based monitoring
  • Universal Devices
  • Mobile Device View
  • SNMP or Dry Contact
  • Real Time Reporting
  • SMS Notifications
  • Low Bandwidth
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Historical Data
  • Custom Integration
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Network Agnostic

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Easy to read dynamic metrics Graphical Overlays Customisable Digital Gauges